Whenever researchers complete their work, they prefer that it be published in journal that is valued and respected so that it can be read and cited by other researchers for future research. Determining the prestige and standing of a research publication depends on a number of factors. Knowing these factors and indicators will help you determine which journal to submit your research for peer review. Here are some of the most important considerations when assessing the quality of an academic publication.

Impact Factor (IF)

A more recent addition, IF is now being used to measure the quality and prestige of an academic publication. The IF for a journal is measured by dividing the number of citation obtain in a specific year for the number of articles published in preceding 2 years. This results in a numeric value. The IF measures how often, on average, authors cite relatively recent articles from a specific journal. An academic publication which attains more citations is more valuable in the research world.

Scientific Rigor and Peer Review Process

Quality journals are published by established publishers or by professional societies. Peer reviewed research articles should be evaluated by an experienced team researchers and editors with relevant expertise. The academic journal should provide details on how the peer review process is being conducted, including specific timeframes. When you submit a paper to the publication, see how it responds.The referee reports that you receive should clearly demonstrate that they have read and understood the paper and that they knew the subject well. The quality of the referees reflect the quality of the journal.

Editorial Quality

Reliable academic journals should provide the full names and affiliations of the journal’s editors on the journal’s Web site as well as contact information for the editorial office. Check out at least two years worth of articles from the journal you are considering. Do these articles satisfy the typical requirements for editorial quality? Is the editorial quality consistent? Remember that within any discipline, an academic journal will most likely specialize in a certain sub-specialty of the field. Be certain that you are choosing a journal that is interested in the topic of your proposed paper.

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