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+LONDON Ghana Finance Minister Seth Terkper speaks at a Chatham House event on the topic "Guiding Ghana to Economic Recovery:
cheap jerseys from china Plans, Implementation and Prospects" 1100 GMT.+SEOUL South Korean Finance Minister Choi Kyung hwan attends a meeting on recent economic affairs 0130 GMT.MARTHA’S VINEYARD, Mass. President Obama and his family vacation in Chilmark,
cheap jerseys free shopping Mass. The
replica ray bans first family’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard began on Aug. 7 and runs through Aug. 23.HUNTSVILLE, Ala. Marshall Space Flight Center tracks the stellar Perseid meteor
discount ray bans shower, during its expected peak period. 10pm. So far in 2015, 18
jerseys wholesale people have been executed in the United States.NEW YORK The NFL and the players union
wholesale ray ban sunglasses are scheduled to appear in New York federal court in the litigation surrounding New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four game suspension stemming from the "Deflategate" scandal.
cheap jerseys paypal District Judge Richard Berman in New York to affirm
wholesale oakleys the decision, while the union has requested that Berman vacate it. Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno holds a Pentagon news conference. Odierno
replica oakleys will retire later in the week and be succeeded as chief of staff by General Mark Milley.WASHINGTON CSIS holds a discussion on naval aviation, featuring Marine Corps Deputy Commandant for Aviation Lt. Gen. Jon Davis; Pacific Fleet Naval Air Force Commander Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker; retired Adm. Pacific Command;
wholesale discount ray ban and retired Vice Adm. Naval Institute. Energy Association holds a discussion on "Tanzania’s Energy Sector
cheap fake oakleys sales Tanzania Electric Supply Company’s (Tanesco) Role and Vision." Felchesmi Mramba, managing director of Tanesco, speaks. 9:30am, USEA, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWASHINGTON The National Business Group on Health holds a briefing with Brian Marcotte, president of the National Business Group on Health, who discusses a survey on health care benefit costs and changes in programs "in the wake of rising costs, the Affordable Care Act and the looming Cadillac excise tax." 10am, National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NWWASHINGTON Rev. church shooting at a National
cheap oakleys outlet Press Club luncheon. 1pmThursday, August 13+MEXICO CITY Chilean President Michelle Bachelet visits Mexico.DES MOINES
discount oakleys Sunglasses 2016 Presidential candidates former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R Ark.) (at 1030am CT); former Sen. Jim Webb (D Va.) (at 1pm CT); and former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D Md.) (at 4pm CT) participate in The
wholesale fake oakleys Des Moines
official jerseys Register’s "Candidate Soapbox," at the
cheap nfl jerseys wholesale Iowa State Fair. Each presidential
discount ray bans candidate will have
cheap jerseys 20 minutes to speak from a stage on
wholesale oakleys outlet the Grand Concourse.WASHINGTON The Rabaa Story Foundation holds a discussion on "Human Rights Conditions in Egypt Since the Rabaa Square Massacre." Noon, National Press Club, 14th and F Streets NW, Holeman LoungeWASHINGTON CSIS holds a discussion on "The Iran Deal: Key Issues and Controversies," with Deputy Assistant to the President Colin Kahl; State Department Deputy Coordinator for Sanctions Policy Chris Backemeyer;
discount ray ban online National Security Council Senior Director for Arms Control and Nonproliferation John Wolfsthal. 2pm, 1616 Rhode Island Avenue NW

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Commit and Practice Their Values Smart Women Know, Commit and Practice Their Values July 17, 2009 By Joy Chudacoff Leave a Comment My son Jack recently joined Cub Scouts here in our community. His leader is an older man, sort of a grandfather type who is very wise and shares some interesting information with the boys (did you know that if you in need of the police, you should dial 311 and not 411?). When a boy becomes a Cub Scout, he receives a book about what it means to take on this role. An early part of the book is about following a of values. They encourage the boys to know, commit, and practice these values. This got me thinking about how Smart Women know, commit, and practice their own
Cheap jerseys values. When I was growing up, I don remember many conversations about values. I was told to always say please and thank you. Always tell the truth. Always be on time. Respect your elders. These were the basic in our home. Good stuff to be sure, and ideas that I pass on to my own children today. However, the world has changed

l vogliamo SALVARE. ACHILLE, ALESSANDRO, ANNIBALE, ULISSE, ma soprattuto JOSTO (tutti i giovani di oggi) devono assolutamente dare una mano ad AMSICORA ed ERCOLE per l grande FATICA per SALDARE con le CATENE della PUREZZA
Wholesale NBA jerseys e sollevare tutte e QUATRO le COLONNE e finalmente definire i CONFINI tra il VECCHIO e il NUOVO MONDO. (leggi segue 2) (segue 2) Bisogna dare LUCE al TEMPIO dei più alti VALORI per creare la sede della FRATELLANZA di tutti i popoli del mondo e dare finalmente VITA alla sempre cercata e MAI trovata MITICA ATLANTIDE. Per diffondere ILLUMINISMO e fare LARGOaiGIOVANI talenti LIBERI e senza NODI che lavorino PERilBENEdiTUTTI. Porteremo tutto il nostro bagaglio di millenaria esperienza della CULTURA EllenicoRomana. Prenderemo tutto il meglio del vecchio mondo RIPUDIANDO le GUERRE ed evitando gli errori per dare inizio alla nuova STORIA, al NUOVO MONDO base del NUOVO LIBERO SISTEMA senza NODI PERilBENEdiTUTTI. L umanità diventi il popolo UNICO per creare l FELICE di un MONDO D LIBERO e

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Articles Connexes:

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Bill To Abolish Lottery Panel Clears Arkansas House

LITTLE ROCK The Arkansas House on Tuesday gave final passage and sent to the governor a bill that would abolish the nine member state Lottery Commission and make the state lottery part of the executive branch of government.House members voted 84 3 to approve Senate Bill 7 by Sen. Jimmy Hickey, R Texarkana, which passed in the Senate earlier this month in a 34 0 vote. The bill would put the lottery under the control of the state Department of Finance and Administration.A spokesman for Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Tuesday the governor will sign the bill into law.Arkansas voters approved a constitutional amendment to allow
replica ray bans a state lottery to fund college scholarships in November 2008. The lottery launched in September 2009, under the control of a commission that was set up to operate independently from the executive branch.The lottery has funded college scholarships for more than 30,000 Arkansas students in each of the past four fiscal years, but the Legislature has twice lowered scholarship amounts to compensate for declining lottery revenue.Rep. Robin Lundstrum, R Springdale, who presented the bill in the House, said there is "a need to change direction to correct a critical situation accountability to the people and our ability to continue to provide scholarships."Reps. Fred Love, D Little Rock, Eddie Armstrong, D North Little Rock, and Joe Jett, D Success, voted against the bill. Love said later that no one had adequately explained what DF would do differently from the Lottery Commission and that he was concerned the lottery would lose its independence."Hopefully, I’m wrong, but I think once you take something that’s an independent body and bring it under the purview of an executive branch it can get politicized," he said.Hickey said Tuesday the change is needed to address declining lottery revenue."The historical data actually points to the fact we used to have $97 million coming in, and what we’re estimating right now is maybe $73 or $74 million for this year. Whenever you look at those longer term trends like that, I believe that’s enough to acknowledge that something needs to change and we need to get hold of it," he said.As to
cheap ray bans what DF would do differently,
discount ray bans Hickey said, "I expect we’ll find some efficiencies, possibly through procurement, personnel and maybe some other marketing type things that can be put together."The House voted 83 3 to approve SB 230 by Sen. Larry Teague, D Nashville, which would require wineries to collect local taxes on direct shipments of wine. The bill passed previously in the Senate and now goes to the governor.House members voted 92 0 to approve SB 227 by Sen. Missy Irvin, R Mountain View, under which a person would commit criminal impersonation if he or she used a motor vehicle with a decal or emblem that made the vehicle appear to be a law enforcement vehicle with the intent of impersonating a law enforcement officer. The bill passed previously in the Senate and now goes to the governor.The House voted 96 0 to approve Senate Bill 4 by Sen. John Cooper, R Jonesboro, which would allow drug manufacturers to provide terminally ill patients access to investigational drugs, biological products and devices. The bill goes to the Senate for concurrence in a House amendment.Also Tuesday, Hutchinson signed into law HB 1183 by Rep. Bill Gossage, R Ozark, which will require every public high school and every public charter school serving high school students in Arkansas to offer a course in computer science.Requiring the teaching of computer science in schools is part of Hutchinson’s agenda for the session. The governor has said the measure will make Arkansans better prepared for 21st century jobs and make the state more attractive to businesses.The measure does not make computer science a requirement for graduation.Elsewhere Tuesday, the House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee endorsed House Bill 1407 by Rep.Hammer told the committee that Arkansas hospitals already dispose of human tissue in those ways, but he said that at abortion clinics, human tissue may be discarded along with medical waste. He said his bill would prohibit that practice.No one spoke against the bill, which the committee approved in a voice vote. The bill goes next to the full House.That committee also advanced HB 1363 by Rep. Donnie Copeland, R Little Rock, which would require the state Department of Human Services to notify enrollees in the Medicaid expansion program known as the private option that coverage under the program will expire Dec. 31, 2016.Earlier the session, the Legislature approved a measure calling for the program to end on that date and to create a legislative task force to look for an alternative model, in accordance with the governor’s health care agenda.The House Judiciary Committee advanced SB 81 by Hickey, which would combine the offenses of driving while intoxicated and boating while intoxicated so that if a person were convicted of one count of each, the second
fake ray bans would count as a second offense. The bill goes to the House.That panel also endorsed SB 156 by Sen. Bart Hester, R Cave Springs, which would make it a misdemeanor for a person 18 or older to distribute sexual images of a family or household member or a person from a past or current relationship in order to harass, frighten, intimidate, threaten or abuse the victim. The bill goes to the House.The committee also advanced SB 311 by Hester, which would allow a prosecuting attorney or deputy prosecutor to list his or her address as a post office box on his or her driver’s license. The bill goes to the House.The House Education Committee advanced SB 265 by Sen. Eddie Cheatham, D Crossett, which would give legislative approval to the University of Arkansas System’s new online only eVersity to award certificates and degrees. The bill goes to the House.Articles Connexes:

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find financial counseling before booking reception

Help and Contact UsTerms of ServiceRSS Ad ChoicesOf the 13 million couples who expect to become engaged this year, half will do so on Valentine’s Day, according to a spending and saving survey by American Express.The midwinter romantic holiday and the upcoming high season for weddings prompted one mother to ask me to offer some advice to her two daughters who recently got engaged.Michelle Singletary writes the nationally syndicated personal finance column, "The Color of Money." View ArchiveFacebook Google+ RSSShe wrote: "My husband
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet and I are heading into retirement and,
cheap Michael Kors like everyone, we wonder if we have planned to maintain a lifestyle we envision. We have saved money for our two daughters’ weddings. They are both college graduates (ages 25 and 30) and in good jobs. As we head into the wedding planning whirlwind, we hope they both have chosen wisely and have long and happy marriages. Nonetheless, staying married seems to be a challenge in today’s world. What is the best advice you would give young married couples on combining finances?"Even before you get to the logistics of how to handle money together, you need to talk some things out. As I’ve learned while counseling couples about their financial struggles, having good jobs and pay does not mean they will
cheap Michael Kors be good money managers.Just like in other areas, money opposites often attract. This doesn’t have to be
cheap Michael Kors a bad thing.But if couples don’t address
Michael kors handbags outlet their financial differences and come up with a plan to deal with the disagreements
Michael Kors discounts that can arise from those differences, they will have trouble in their marriages.A recent retirement
Michael Kors discounts survey by Fidelity Investments found that of the couples who argue about money, 38 percent said they never resolve their financial quarrels.Most arguments aren’t about the lack of money. It’s the unresolved issues that couples brought into their marriages. It’s the unspoken expectations. Or expectations expressed but disregarded.Couples will spend a year or more
fake Michael Kors planning a wedding but not even an hour in counseling. I encourage couples to get premarital counseling that includes sessions focusing on finances.And I don’t mean a class in which couples just exchange credit reports which they should do but sessions that dig deep into specific financial views.Many churches or religious organizations offer premarital counseling classes. Check to see if your workplace health insurance covers family therapy. Click on the link for "Therapist Locator."If, during therapy, you become troubled about what you’re discovering about each other, postpone or call off the wedding. Give yourself more time to work through your issues. Maybe you both need individual therapy.Get the counseling before you make any financial commitments for your wedding. It may make it easier to cancel the wedding if you find you’re not a financial fit for each other.Isn’t it better over the long run to realize you shouldn’t get married than to go ahead with the nuptials because you’ll lose some money you put down for the reception?When it comes to merging finances, I favor the one size fits both approach. This means joint accounts. All your income belongs to both of you. All your debts should be considered joint even if they aren’t legally. When you get married, I believe you become one financially.If you do it right, merging your money makes you plan together, including for retirement. In the Fidelity survey, four in 10 couples said they disagree on the lifestyle they expect in retirement. Discuss the type of retirement you envision as a couple and then set about making it happen.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Face dark
discount Michael Kors reality of sexual violence

The BBC documentary, depicting the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in Delhi in 2012, has premiered in the United States with Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep, Frieda Pinto and actor director Farhan Akhtar in attendance as a show of support for the film banned in India.

Streep led a solemn opening of the 2012 gang rape documentary ‘Storyville: India’s daughter’ in New York, describing the 23 year old victim as "our daughter" and emphasised that tolerance and acceptance of violence against women is worse than the brutality that dehumanises them. She was joined by a star cast including actress Pinto, Akhtar, talk show host Tina Brown and former United Nations under secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator Valerie Amos among others at the US premier of the documentary produced and directed by Leslee Udwin on Monday.

"What is worse than brutality that dehumanises women? Tolerance and indifference towards it, acceptance that this is just the way things are. What is worse than rape, violence, cruelty? Tolerance for it. That’s worse," Streep said to a packed theatre at the Baruch College of the City University of New York where the premier was presented by NGO Vital Voices Global Partnership and children’s development organisation Plan International.

Merly Streep came out in support of the film. Photograph: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

A solemn Streep was joined by the other celebrities and activists on stage as they began the premier by lighting a candle in the honour
replica Michael Kors handbags of the young paramedical student who died days after she was brutally gang raped by six men on December 16, 2012.

Streep, Pinto and Udwin referred to the victim by her actual name as they addressed the audience, which watched the hour long documentary in stunned silence, gasping as it heard the accused Mukesh Singh recount the inhuman incident in an unrepentant tone.

Streep said that the victim’s name was not known for days after the tragedy and she was called "India’s Daughter". "For weeks after her death, she was nameless, she was known as India’s daughter. Tonight she
Michael Kors discounts is our daughter too," Streep said. "Tonight we light the magic candle to honour the value of the girl’s short and promising life," Streep added and quoted the victim’s father who had said that in death, his daughter has shown light to a greater movement of achieving equality for women and ending discrimination.

Udwin, who
cheap Michael Kors received a thunderous applause at the conclusion of the documentary, said while the Indian government has banned the documentary, there are "many forward looking people in India who will call for change in response to this rape."

"Tonight is the start of the global campaign for India’s Daughter to end violence against women," Udwin said as she called on her family and her team on stage to thank them for the efforts that went into making the documentary. She called on nations and its citizens to join hands to bring an end to discrimination
cheap Michael Kors and violence against women, stressing that the disease plaguing the society is not rape or trafficking but inequality.

"Let us imagine a world where women are autonomous without rape, violence, genocide. Now let’s go get that!" Change of mindset is the biggest ask we can make. You can move mountains with a film. The disease is not rape or violence or trafficking, the disease is gender inequality. Let us not let one day pass without doing something to address gender inequality," Udwin said.

Pinto urged men, women, policy makers, youth, religious and political leaders from across the world to join forces and ensure violence against women is "receded into the past". "Our
Michael Kors handbags outlet pride (in economic and scientific achievement) is misplaced when there is one gender on this planet that is yet to be emancipated," she said. Pinto said the discrimination that women face is not just sexual and restricted to less developed nations but is evident, particularly in the developed world, in the "refusal to pay a woman same as a man for the same job." She said she will use the occasion to make a "call to arms" to the youth to become the "new greatest generation" that begins to make the suffering and violence against women recede in the past. While there is a sense of urgency among people today to see an end to discrimination, Pinto said it is "very easy to get discouraged and enraged when one faces dead ends, such as bans."

She said people must take hope not only from the women but also from the men in their lives who are "torchbearers" and who will speak out "vociferously" against sexism in the work place and against violence in their
Michael Kors outlet homes. "This is your fight too," she said to the men. Pinto further said that there is
cheap Michael Kors need for the leaders of the democracies like India and the US to "face the dark reality of sexual violence."

"The shame is not in admitting the existence of such violence, the shame is in the crime and in not speaking out," Pinto said. To the religious leaders and clerics, she said they have the power to grant women honour or disrespect in their faiths. "Please choose honour," Pinto said.

She called on the women "to raise each other up" and to make each others’ welfare a priority and to "never shame a woman for the choices she makes."

"Don’t judge her for her marital status, do not judge her for whom she sleeps with and please do not judge her if she simply goes out to see a movie with her friend," the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actress said, adding that women should refuse to internalise centuries of women hating. An emotional Pinto asked the audience to keep the young victim in their thoughts and to remember that through her sacrifice she is "saying please don’t let anyone put out my light again."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

The Most Exciting Musical Festivals In The United Kingdom

musical_festivals_UKFestival Lives brings together the most existing musical talents of the United Kingdom. It also offers late night parties to keep you going through until wee hours of the night. However, you need to know that the Festival Live passes do not allow entry to debates and programme of talks. If you are going to purchase Festival Live 10 Day Pass, you will be able to avail 15% discount on your accommodation. You will also find other discount tickets and offerings on this vouchercode.nl.

Full midweek pass – It will give you unlimited access to all programs of the festival, but only during midweek period. It includes film screenings, comedy nights, live and night sessions, philosophy sessions, and parties.

Festival Live – 10 Day Pass- it will give you unlimited access to live and night sessions throughout the 10 day festival. It permits passes to all events including all music and performance events, comedy events, HotDoc screenings at a remarkably lower price. What to expect? Well, you will be able to expect late night dancing, explosions of energy, hedonistic revelry, captivating solo performances, stunning voices, stand-up comedy, eye-opening documentaries, and a whole lot more.

The Most Awaited Festival Of Music This 2014


What are the festivals to watch out for this 2014? Well, there are many, but these festivals have corresponding ticket fee. If you are on a tight budget or you simply want to avail discounts and freebies, and then visit vouchercode.nl. Below are some of the highlights of this year’s upcoming festival.

Port Eliot Festival

 This festival will take place in St. Germans on July 24 to 27. The weekend ticket costs £172.50 inclusive of camping. It is a dream festival landscape with fairy tale woodland, grassy pastures, walled gardens, stunning view of the rivers, and winding mazes. It is one of the few festivals that combine both literary and music.

 The Festival Number 6

It will be happening in Portmeirion on September 5 to7 with a weekend ticket of £160, inclusive of camping. The exact place is in the picturesque village of Portmeirion. It is an unconventional festival that features various musical acts combined with cultural events and arts. The accommodation option varies. You have the option to rough in a tent or better yet sleep in the four-poster in the castle. The acts to look forward to are Portmeirion, Beck, and Neneh Cherry.

 LolliBop Festival

The day ticket is only £19.25 and will be held on August 15 to 17 on Hatfield House. This is a stately home being surrounded by gardens. There are so many things to look forward to such as great music, arts, sporting activities, crafts, and even nature talks.

Kendal Calling

A festival mainly of music, but what makes it stand out from the rest is its best foods including posh burgers and vegan delicacies. It will be happening on August 1 to 3 on the Lowther Deer Park. The weekend ticket is £119. There are also other upcoming festivals to watch out for towards the end of the year. So, you better watch out and don’t forget to take advantage of coupon codes to save cash.


It’s Time To Experience The BBC Proms 2014

bbc_promsWhat are the Proms?

It is a promenade concert; an inexpensive and informal concert wherein promenaders need to pay an amount of only £5 for the ticket. It will be happening in the central Arena at London’s Royal Albert Hall where a total of 900 prommers can be accommodated. It can also hold additional 500, which can sit, stand, or even recline in the gallery.

The BBC Proms 2014 will be happening on July 18, 2014 to September 13, 2014. It is considered the greatest classical music festival on the planet and it returns to London’s Royal Albert Hall. Every year, BBC Prom is hosting concerts for the whole two consecutive months, which includes the popular Last Night performances; the one specializing in contemporary works and shows with diverse range of artists performing on the said event.

The theme of this year’s celebration

The theme this year commemorates the centenary of the First World War, which pays particular attention on the reflection on the works of wartime composers including the legacy and the songs of the conflict. There are so many highlights of the celebration including War Horse Prom, which features a life size puppet, Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem performance, and a violin concerto by Sally Beamish. This year’s celebration also commemorates the 150th anniversary of the birth of Richard Strauss.

Other details to watch out for

The Proms make sure that artists from all across the music spectrum are being showcased. This year’s The Proms welcomes Rufus Wainwright, Pet Shop Boys, and Paloma Faith. The classical favourites are also making a comeback including the Cleveland Orchestra, Berlin Philharminiker, and the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

There are also classical acts that will be showcased for the first time such as the ones from Iceland, Greece, China, Singapore, Qatar, Turkey, and South Korea. To view the full program, feel free to visit the official BBC website.

Get Ready For A Hard Rock Party At Jurassic Rocks Music Festival 2014

JurassicThe most sought after Jurassic Rocks Music Festival 2014 will take place this coming July 19, 2014, Saturday. It will be held at the Grove Playing Fields, Grove Road, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1DP, England MAP. The admission fee for adults is £20, for under 18 is £10, and free for under 5s. A family ticket is also offered for only £50, which includes 2 adults and 2 kids. The ticket includes free parking and overnight parking. The daily capacity is 2500.

The line up

  • The Skimmity Hitchers
  • The Wurzels
  • The Other Guys
  • Guns of Navarrone
  • Eat The Rich
  • The Devil’s Rejects
  • Radioplay
  • Mitchell & Vincent
  • Nobody’s Heroes, The Wonky Donkeys
  • C Sharp Blues
  • Thin Wire Fence
  • Ruby & The Roughcuts

There are also other things to be offered such as food stalls and all sorts of entertainment for the kids. There are also bars including cider bar.

Events The Music Lovers Should Look Up To In 2014

VSO performing at the Olympic Plaza

As we become older, we become so much preoccupied with important things that we even take for granted the new music and musical acts. As you know, music is very powerful and serves as the heartbeat of life. The fountain of youth can be restored by simply listening to music or even attending to free outdoor concerts. In this blog, I will share with you some of the upcoming free music events for music lovers like you.

Canada Day Concert together with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (July 1, 2014 at 3PM)

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra is one of the most sought after orchestras that perform during summer. They will be playing in the Canada Day, which is foreseen to be the best show of the year. The orchestra will also play in the 4th of July to commemorate the American Independence Day.

Pemberton Valley Music Fest Pre-Concert (July 16, 2014 4:30PM)

GordDownie will perform in the Pemberton Valley Music Fest Pre-Concert. He is a Canadian music icon and he will be joined by the Sadies; a band that plays rock/country music. A free afternoon show will also be joined by Matt Mays and Dan Deacon.

Del Barber is back in town after the sold out show last April. Del Barber combines rich sense of history, storytelling, and place into country-folk blend of sonic rad. Del is known for giving new arrangements to old time music. He is considered legendary because of his ability to give new taste to all-time favourite songs. The event will happen on august 29, 2014 at exactly 7:30 PM. So, you better get ready!