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The Body Mass Index Body mass index, or BMI, is a measurement that evaluates the relationship between body weight and height. While BMI is not a direct measure of excess body fat, it is the recommended method to diagnose overweight and obesity. Because it expresses the weight height relationship, BMI provides a more accurate measure than body weight alone. The formula for calculating BMI uses weight in kilograms and height in meters: BMI (kg/m2) = Weight (kg) Height (m) 2; or weight in pounds and height in inches: BMI (lb/in2) = Weight (lb) Height (in) 2 x 703. Online calculators that automatically do the computations from an entered height and weight are a convenient method of determining BMI. Over 50 healthcare organizations around the world, including the National Institutes of Health, use the same BMI standards to define adult overweight and obesity.1 BMI’s Link to Diseases BMI is used as the standard to diagnose overweight and obesity because there are so many studies that show a link between BMI, the risk of several diseases and death.2 As BMI increases, so does the risk for several conditions3, including Sleep apnea Some cancersWhile the links between BMI and disease risk is clear, it is important to remember that it is only one of several disease risk factors. In other words, BMI cannot tell an individual that he or she will get a disease, only that his or her risk of developing the disease is increased. BMI has some limitations.4 It tends to overestimate body fat in people who are very muscular and underestimate body fat in people who are highly sedentary. BMI also doesn’t show where the body fat is located. Abdominal fat carries the greatest health risk.

How Much Exercise Should I Do Daily to Burn 3500 Calories When you’re interested in tracking the calories you burn through exercise, you’ll often hear people discuss the 3,500 calorie threshold. However, this number isn’t representative of the calories you’re likely to burn during any exercise. Rather, it represents the number of calories in a pound of fat. It’s more realistic to burn 3,500 calories with exercise in a week, but not in a single day. Don’t Expect to Burn 3,500 Calories Daily Burning 3,500 calories daily in a workout is impractical to even attempt. A 175 pound person would have to run at 8 mph for more than
Wholesale jerseys three hours to reach this calorie goal, notes HealthStatus. It’s improbable to expect to sustain such a pace for this length of time, even if you’re an accomplished athlete. Set More Modest Goals Losing a pound per week which requires you to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories is a sensible weight loss goal. If you plan to exercise five days per week, aim to burn an extra 700 calories per day over the days you exercise. Burning 700 calories in a workout is more attainable; a 175 pound person would need to run at 5 mph for slightly more than an hour to reach this goal. This calorie deficit could also be reached by cutting calories from your diet in addition to exercising.

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making is how we’re going to fund it. Without funding for the project we’re putting together, are we wasting our time?" Boardman’s comments came as emergency track work due to "excessive water infiltration" in the B is delaying both Amtrak and MARC passenger trains, causing commuter headaches.
Cheap jerseys from China The curving tunnel has for years been considered a major choke point for commuter rail traffic between Washington and New York. MarylandTrain delays due to water infiltration into B tunnel, Amtrak saysSee all related8 The comments also came amid growing concerns among local transit advocates about funding for major rail projects. The future of the Red Line and Purple Line light rail projects in Baltimore and the Washington suburbs, for example, has been thrown into question after Republican Larry Hogan was elected governor. Hogan, who takes office in January, has expressed skepticism about the projects’ cost despite their already having secured substantial federal funding. That mirrors

overview of web based bachelor’s degree programs and provide information to those considering their pursuing. A program like this is generally of an accelerated nature, allowing students to speed through them at far faster rates than conventional degrees. In some cases students can complete their online bachelor’s courses in less than two years but this is a result indicative of the commitment of the student rather than the level of difficulty of the course. In the same way as attained offline, an online program is awarded when a student has fulfilled a certain number of credits or units of study in a specific field. For the majority of courses this is 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits (a semester representing half a year). The difference with a bachelor’s degree is that these programs often have no time restrictions for their completion. For example a student may elect to complete one semester per year rather than two to lessen the workload, while another student may elect to power

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transcribed that as and it became one of
Wholesale jerseys the animal names, along with another Indian name: others determined that Clark mistakenly believed was the name of the animal, when it was actually the native name for the robe. Whatever its name, the explorers weren going to get rich from its fur. Lewis offered considerable rewards to the Indians, but was never able to procure one of these animals alive, the journal concludes. For years, naturalists went back and forth about what this creature was, exactly: Some kind of beaver? Squirrel? Rabbit? Prairie dog? Muskrat? Over the years, it often been mistaken for other animals. In Oregon, likely because someone thought it was the animal making a particular sound, it was labeled a Others call it a Animal researchers say it chatters, hisses and coughs, but doesn boom or whistle. Anthony of the American Museum of Natural History wrote: account of certain well defined peculiarities, the Sewellel, or Showt has been placed in a family by itself. It has no

look at cesareans as an easy way to time the birth," said Dr. Marlin Mills, chief of perinatology at the hospital. "But a C section is not benign. It’s a big surgery." The costs are also well documented. Surgical births cost nearly $19,000, compared to about $11,500 for vaginal births, according to the Pacific Business Group on Health, an organization of employers that is also working to bring down C section rates around the state. The business group worked with the hospital on the financial side. It enlisted the help of some of the biggest local employers, including Disney, and another insurer, Blue Shield, to adjust payments so the hospital didn’t earn more from elective C sections than vaginal births. "The data helped people achieve the culture change," said Brynn Rubinstein, senior manager for the business organization. "Hopefully payment reform will help us sustain it." In addition, the hospital set new scheduling rules. In the past,
Cheap jerseys doctors could

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data is stored, similar to a map. It is a database which keeps track of the network paths and provides this information to the node requesting the data. In hop by hop routing, each routing table lists the addresses reachable destinations and the address of the next device along the path to that destination (the next hop). Assuming that the routing tables are consistent, the simple algorithm of relaying packets to their destination’s next hop is adequate to transmit the data to any node in the network. Hop by hop is the elementary characteristic of the IP Layer. The three types of entries in a routing table: Network Route: A route (or a path) to a specific node on the local network or the Internet. Host Route: A route to a specific network destination (Network ID and Host ID). Host routes enable intelligent routing assessments to be made for sending the network data packets. Host routes are also used to create custom routes to control and optimize specific types of network traffic. Default Route: A route which

of athleticism and speed to his defensive tackle spot. He’s got defensive coordinators drooling and offensive
Wholesale NBA jerseys coordinators sweating. "His strength is second to none. I haven’t seen anybody stronger than him. For him to be able to use that strength the way he does on the field, a lot of people can’t do that," said Oklahoma State offensive guard . "He does it so well. He can read plays and react better than anyone. Being a college level guard, you almost don’t have a chance. I was just glad that I didn’t have to go against him." If you’re trying to understand why Suh is so quick and dominant, just look at the sport he outgrew, soccer. He developed some amazing footwork playing soccer, which helped him out on the football field as
Wholesale jerseys he was able to react with incredible agility. "I definitely think soccer was a big key to that. The footwork that you need for soccer, you start to learn that as a young kid and that could easily be translated into football," Suh said. "The way you use

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We were not aware of what exactly a Palliative Care program was at first, so here is Dr. Sidney Aldridge to tell you in her own words.

There are now many little patients who
fake ray bans are living longer and better because of our advances in medical technology they do live with very complicated medical problems, and many will unfortunately still die at a age. you can imagine, this is a very difficult journey for these little children and their families.

A new specialty has emerged in Pediatrics to help these most patients called Palliative Care. Palliative Care team would like to support for family at the initial diagnosis, then all along the course of that life, and help the family prepare for their child death.

Palliative Care team helps child with symptom and pain relief, and also provides much needed spiritual support for the child, their siblings and parents during these very difficult times. The team consists of nurses, social workers, child life specialists, psychologists, and spiritual leaders, such as ministers, priests, and Palliative Care team wants to help a little child as well as possible for as long as possible, and then make the of child be as pain free and
cheap ray bans peaceful as possible.

As you can imagine, it takes special to be able to practice Palliative Care. This kind of treatment requires hours and hours with each patient and family, and is not funded by insurance companies. We rely on wonderful
cheap ray bans charity organizations such as the Careity Foundation here in Ft Worth to provide this much needed care. The Careity Foundation has an amazing charity event, a Western themed Gala called "Branded" here every August to raise money for our Palliative Care program here at Cook Childrens Medical Center, and they have provided us with immeasurable support.

My mom and I have both been
replica ray ban sunglasses so excited to share this fun project with our readers my mom has also posted about this on her blog Atlantis HomeArticles Connexes:

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New Snohomish Co law bans pasties

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. Starting Thursday, pasties and thongs on nearly naked baristas at coffee stands within county limits must be covered up under a new county law.

The new law tolerates baristas in bikinis, but not much less. And the county’s strengthened lewd conduct ordinance comes with tougher penalties for violations for which business owners and managers can be held accountable.

It’s the county’s attempt to crack down on bikini baristas crossing the line, but workers at more family friendly locations are skeptical about the stricter laws.

"I think maybe right at first, but i think it’s going to go right back to how it has been," said barista Ashley Winn. "I don’t think by wearing pasties, going to a bikini is going to change how anybody views any of that stuff."

The sight of scantily clad young
cheap ray bans women flashing customers and performing simulated sexual acts at drive through espresso huts had a lot of neighbors steamed. Vocal business owners near one risque stand near Mill Creek finally had it shutdown after a year and a half of battles.

Neighbors who helped lead the fight for the new county wide restrictions are breathing a
cheap ray bans sigh of relief.

discount ray bans don’t have to worry about coming to work in the morning and seeing all kinds of
discount ray bans different people driving in and out, sitting there, staring at these gals," said Kris McLeod. "It was really uncomfortable."

"A lot of times, people don’t want to step up for what’s right, because they don’t think that it’s worth their time. But for me, I felt like I had no choice," said Rhonda Bremond.

Baristas in bikinis will still be OK as long as they don’t reveal too much, much to the chagrin of the workers at Lady Bug Latte, which sits across Highway 9 from Cowgirls Espresso.

"I mean, guys will drive over here, take one look at us, look us up and down. Then we’ll watch them go across the street, and you know that’s all they want," said barista Tristina Lochmann.

Some cities, including Everett, are exempt from the county wide rule. But supporters of the new rules hope other local officials will take action, and tell all baristas to cover up.Articles Connexes:

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replica ray ban sunglasses Launches Comprehensive Social Assistance Review

Ontario is launching the largest review of social assistance programs in over 20 years.

The review will examine social assistance and its relationship with other federal, provincial and municipal income security programs to gain
cheap ray bans a better understanding of how these programs, working together, can provide better outcomes for people. The review is the first step in developing a concrete action plan that will make social assistance:

more effective at getting people into jobs by connecting them
cheap ray ban outlet with the right education and training opportunities, while providing security for those who cannot work easier to understand work better with other federal, provincial and municipal income security programs, such as Employment Insurance, and financially sustainable. Munir Sheikh, Canada’s former Chief Statistician, as commissioners. The review will begin January 2011 and finish in June 2012.

Going forward, the Special Diet Allowance will also be revised to make it compliant with the recent Order of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and more accountable to taxpayers. The program, along with other existing
discount ray bans social assistance benefits, will be considered within the context of the Social Assistance Review.Articles Connexes:

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Jackson dares stars to call out police racism

Samuel L. Jackson is attempting to create the next"Ice Bucket Challenge", inviting stars and more to call out the "violence of the racist police" in the wake of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths,
fake Michael Kors two unarmed black men killed by white officers.

Last summer, dozensof celebrities and politicians pouredice water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS and now, Jackson is hoping for a new viral wave, only this time to raise awareness about racism through
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The actor took to hisFacebookpage Saturday night, following a day of enormous protests nationwide against police killings, to post his challenge in a video message. "All
fake Michael kors handbags outlet you celebrities out there who poured ice water on your head, here a chance to do something else," Jackson said. "I
fake Michael Kors challenge all of you to singthe "We ain’t gonna stop, till people
cheap Michael Kors outlet are free"song."He then begins to sing:

I can hear my neighbor cryin’ ‘I can’t breathe’
discount Michael Kors /Now I’m in the struggle and I can’t leave.
Cheap Michael Kors handbags /Callin’ out the violence of the racist police. /We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free. /We ain’t gonna stop, till people are free.Articles Connexes:

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Is Amazon Fire Phone Going To Be A Flop?

amazon_phoneA lot of people, especially technically-inclined people believe that the Amazon Fire Phone is going to be a flop. First stop is the price. Its price is $199, which is too pricey. But more than the price, let us take a look at the notable features of the Amazon Fire Phone. Of course, Amazon knows we can all easily type on using our browsers and be able to search for products and services in a matter of seconds. What they want really is not to type in Google, but to actually enticing to purchase a download of an episode of your favourite series

In reality, Amazon is set to eat most retail. In fact, everything that can be shipped will be shipped by Amazon. The Amazon Fire Phone is part of the future. Through this phone, Amazon shoppers will be able to excel at what they are doing best and that is to shop at Amazon. If you are one of those people who don’t see the value of this phone, then most likely you are not an Amazon shopper.