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data is stored, similar to a map. It is a database which keeps track of the network paths and provides this information to the node requesting the data. In hop by hop routing, each routing table lists the addresses reachable destinations and the address of the next device along the path to that destination (the next hop). Assuming that the routing tables are consistent, the simple algorithm of relaying packets to their destination’s next hop is adequate to transmit the data to any node in the network. Hop by hop is the elementary characteristic of the IP Layer. The three types of entries in a routing table: Network Route: A route (or a path) to a specific node on the local network or the Internet. Host Route: A route to a specific network destination (Network ID and Host ID). Host routes enable intelligent routing assessments to be made for sending the network data packets. Host routes are also used to create custom routes to control and optimize specific types of network traffic. Default Route: A route which

of athleticism and speed to his defensive tackle spot. He’s got defensive coordinators drooling and offensive
Wholesale NBA jerseys coordinators sweating. "His strength is second to none. I haven’t seen anybody stronger than him. For him to be able to use that strength the way he does on the field, a lot of people can’t do that," said Oklahoma State offensive guard . "He does it so well. He can read plays and react better than anyone. Being a college level guard, you almost don’t have a chance. I was just glad that I didn’t have to go against him." If you’re trying to understand why Suh is so quick and dominant, just look at the sport he outgrew, soccer. He developed some amazing footwork playing soccer, which helped him out on the football field as
Wholesale jerseys he was able to react with incredible agility. "I definitely think soccer was a big key to that. The footwork that you need for soccer, you start to learn that as a young kid and that could easily be translated into football," Suh said. "The way you use

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