How is the International Scientific Publications different from other open access journals?

The site has established a brand that is known for being highly selective and broad in scope. All publications are based on high-impact and original research in a wide range of scientific fields. Our peer-reviewing process ensures the most stringent standards for excellence. We also have a rapid turn-around time, ensuring that articles are disseminated freely and quickly for teaching and reference purposes.

What kind of manuscripts does the International Scientific Publications consider?

The International Scientific Publications is interested in a wide range of manuscripts presenting original research and commentary in all areas of science. For original research, the common thread is that the work should reveal novel concepts of broad importance to the scientific community.

Will my manuscript remain confidential?

Yes. The site considers all submitted manuscripts as confidential documents. It also instructs and expects our in-house board of editors and reviewers to treat manuscripts as confidential material.

How do I prepare a manuscript for the International Scientific Publications?

The guidelines differ for initial submissions and resubmissions of a revised manuscript after peer review. For more details, kindly send us a message through out contact details provided in the navigation bar.

Why should I publish in the International Scientific Publications?

There are many advantages to choosing this platform. The site aims to rigorously and quickly review manuscript submissions and rapidly publish articles online. Furthermore, the organization is known for publishing manuscripts that are at the forefront of scientific pursuits.