Scientific research is an extensive effort, with thousands of laboratories across the world looking for the next big breakthrough. Here are some of the areas of scientific research that show considerable promise today.

Climate Change

Identified as the biggest environmental issue in history, climate change is undeniably happening and affecting everyone in the world right now. Although what most people people would see right now is an increase in their energy bills, in the long term, climate change can negatively impact the world’s food supply. Some of the most promising research in climate change right now involves developing drought-resistant crop strains, identifying changes in biomes, developing better management of waterways, and improving fisheries management.

Space Exploration

Space exploration involves figuring out what else is out there in the universe with us. Some of the most popular research areas involves dark matter and dark energy. Scientists believe that knowing more about the physics of dark matter and energy will enable people to understand how the universe was formed. Another promising area is space technology, which involves the creation of technology which will take people outside of earth. Miniaturization capabilities, for example, makes it easier to include more features in small devices.

Quantum Information Technology

Researchers believe that if they can solve tough problems involved in quantum computing, they will be able to make leaps and bounds from today’s supercomputers. For instance, they are looking into creating un-hackable long-distance communications systems, discovering new ways to calculate time, magnetism, electricity, and other phenomena with groundbreaking precision. They believe that determining these will not only create a lucrative industry, but will also create long-term economic, scientific, and  social benefits. 

Energy Efficiency

More and more strides are being made in reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. On top of smart technology which enable infrastructures to become more energy efficient, researchers are also looking into other methods. Some of these include the production of hydrogen, since hydrogen fuel cells have been lauded as the next big thing in energy for some time now.

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3 Thoughts on “The Most Promising Areas of Scientific Research”

  • This would have far-reaching applications in multiple industries including energy, plastic manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

  • For instance, researchers are in the process of developing catalysts which will boost the speed of chemical reactions.

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